First Grade Kind Kids Club

These awesome first graders understand the value of kindness! By looking outside themselves and finding small ways each day to help others feel good they are directly combating bullying and creating a loving, kind environment for all.


"I hope whoever finds it feels love and kindness." ~ First grade Kind Kids Club member Austin hiding bookmarks he made in library books for other kids to find.

kids Kindness Club, Operation Bookmark

Watch the video above to hear in their own words how they are working to spread kindness in their classroom and around their school.


Have or know a kind kid who would like to start a Kindness Club in their own school? Encourage them to ask their teacher or guidance counselor to help them set it up following school club policies. Next, have them invite friends and get them motivated by starting a list of how they can spread kindness each day. Looking for ideas? Here are a few to get them started!


  • Tell a teacher you appreciate them
  • Help a student that is being tormented, be an upstander
  • Pass out flyers on bullying and cyberbullying prevention
  • Leave messages for someone that is feeling down, let them know they are not alone
  • Leave messages ‘just because’ it’s nice to do – lift others up everyday
  • Tell a janitor what a good job they did
  • Smile at people – let them know you notice them
  • Make time for those that seem lonely, introduce yourself
  • Offer to tutor students that are struggling academically
  • Compliment others, (their hair, clothes, their smile) – be kind – it matters
  • Eat lunch with new people, or anyone who is sitting by themselves
  • Be sure new students don’t feel like strangers


Follow these kiddos' example and join our Spread Peace and Love Challenge to do one Random Act of Kindness each day in November! You can read more about our challenge and download the 30 Days of Kindness Calendar here.


Be Kind and Pass it On!




•*¨*•.¸¸ Spread Peace and Love ¸¸.•*¨*•


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