This Group has Redistributed Over 1,000,000 Pounds of Food to those in Need

This group is rescuing food by bicycle to distribute to people in need in their community! Enough food is wasted to feed every food-insecure person in the USA, yet 1 in 7 Americans don’t have enough to eat. There is no food shortage problem, only a distribution problem, and food access disproportionately affects people of color, seniors, and people with disabilities.


Volunteers at Boulder Food Rescue want to end food waste and hunger. They collect quality food from grocery stores that would have been thrown way, pick it up on bicycles, and distribute it to their community on bicycles 15 times a day, every day of the week. They focus on healthy foods, like fresh produce, that are harder to obtain by people with low-income. They have already redistributed 2 million pounds of food!


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