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You were made for Greatness Don't play small


The world needs more people like you.

So, you want to join the SP&L movement? Your "awesomeness" just skyrocketed to a new level! People like you are the life blood of the Spread Peace and Love Community. You are the daily doers....reaching out to others and not just talking the talk, but taking action to make a difference and inspire others to "be the change" in our world.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Change the world with kindness
  • Join Spread Peace and Love Members across the world in "Make a Difference Monday"
  • Apply to submit guest blog posts on our website, reaching hundreds of visitors a day
  • Chance to feature your videos on our YouTube channel and across our social media networks.
  • Opportunity to be a featured Spread Peace and Love Member on our website and social media pages.

Help us inspire others by:

  • Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Re-tweet/Share FB posts
  • Spread the love on "Make a Difference Monday"

Featured Spread Peace and Love Member:

Each month we will select one SP&L Community member who has gone above and beyond to promote kindness in their community. To get to know them better, we will send them a list of interview questions for them to answer and share here. Check back for our first SP&L Member highlight.


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