Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

Spirit Heals with Joy


Take time to find joy and happiness in your everyday life.

Joy is what makes life beautiful. Joy heals our wounds, inspires us to achieve new heights and floods our soul with a feeling of well-being. The beautiful thing about joy is that it can be found in the smallest interactions in your daily life. Here are 20 simple ways to bring joy into your life on a daily basis.

1. Listen to uplifting music.
2. Get outdoors - go for a walk, bike ride, or sit on a bench and enjoy the sun on your face.
3. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

4. Create something... a new recipe, make up a song, build a sand castle, stack rocks, finger paint.... what ever calls to you.
5. Eat a cookie 🙂
6. Take a walk in the rain.

Walk in the rain
7. Spend an evening by candlelight.
8. Clean out your closet and donate to a homeless shelter. You will de-clutter your life and improve the life of someone else at the same time.
9. Watch a favorite old movie.

Watch a favorite old movie
10. Take a nap.
11. Write and mail a note to a relative or friend just to say you appreciate them.

write a letter
12. Pay a compliment to a total stranger.
13. Smile, no matter how you are feeling. The act of smiling releases endorphins that will help lift your mood.
14. Lose yourself in a good book.

Read a book
15. Count your blessings.
16. Learn something new... a new recipe, card game, lyrics to a song... and share what you have learned with someone.
17. Play with kids or just play like a kid!

Play like a kid
18. Meditate and enjoy the silence.
19. Help someone in a small way.
20. Surrender control and enjoy the ride that is life.

Surrender Control




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