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We are passionate about KINDNESS stories!  Reading stories about people doing good in their communities and beyond not only lifts the soul, but gives hope that the good and light in the world far outweighs the bad and darkness. Scroll through and read a few... and we have no doubt you too will find yourself inspired by these acts of love, support, kindness and selflessness. Put a smile on someone's face today... go out and perform your own Random Acts of Kindness!

Know any inspiring kindness stories, or have one of your own to share? Click here to share with us! We love pictures, so send those too if you have them.


Give Back Films - Homeless ManGive Back Films

The young men from GiveBackFilms carry out a new good deed each week, and somehow, the acts of kindness keep getting better.  Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson have paid strangers' gas bills, handed out $100 to homeless people, and surprised an IHOP waitress with a $200 tip. The team films their random acts of kindness and posts them on YouTube. Their hope is to inspire everybody to give back, no matter how big or how small...whatever you give can make a difference in somebody’s life.


Great job Give Back Films! Thanks for inspiring us and many others!


Check out the YouTube channel Give Back Films


Homeless Family Makeover



2-year Old Mary Cate is Teaching Kids About Kindness & Compassion

Mary Cate Lynch may only be two years old, but she’s already changing the world! Mary Cate, who was born with Apert syndrome, a rare craniofacial condition that affects her face, feet, and hands, is now helping her mother teach kids about kindness, compassion, and how to respond to people with visible differences.


Mary Cate’s mother, Kerry Lynch, started a blog and a personal campaign to change how people see children with facial deformities after an incident on a playground in 2013. When a little boy saw Mary Cate and blurted out “What’s wrong with that baby’s face?” his embarrassed mother pulled him away before Lynch could answer. The mother’s reaction bothered her because avoiding the innocent question removed an opportunity to teach that child about Mary Cate’s condition -- and, more importantly, about Mary Cate herself.


After posting about it on her Facebook page, a friend suggested that Lynch take Mary Cate to visit students at a local elementary school -- since all of the kids lived in the area, it was likely they would meet Mary Cate at some point. The Lynch family ended up spending two hours at a local Catholic school, visiting kindergarten to eight grade classrooms, and introducing Mary Cate. “The students were wonderful,” Lynch remembers, “crowding around (Mary Cate) and wanting to say 'hi.'”


After photos of the visit were posted on Facebook, requests for visits to other schools in Chicago started flooding in. During her visits, Lynch tells students she will answer any questions they have, encouraging them to "Ask me anything. Nothing will hurt my feelings." Some common questions include what she does when people stare (“I usually try to break the ice. I say, 'My name is Kerry. This is my daughter Mary Cate.' I don't think they're being unkind. I think they're curious.”) and why she brings Mary Cate to schools (“Just to show you guys that it's OK to be different.”)


At the end of each visit, Lynch emphasizes that the best way to treat any person with a disability is just like you would treat anyone else: “If we run into you somewhere," she says, "I hope you smile and just say, 'Oh, hi! That's Mary Cate!'” And Lynch knows that Mary Cate is helping other kids understand that. “If we can make her life an ounce easier, that's what we want to do. If that means going to talk to kids and letting kids see her in person and seeing her goofiness and stubbornness, that's what we are going to do.”


And, their visits are having an impact on the kids -- after one recent elementary school visit, 11-year-old Emma Suing had tears in her eyes and explained, "Knowing how much (Mary Cate) has been through. It's really heart-touching that she can communicate and that I can talk to her. That's why I have happy tears." 11-year-old Jessica Andrew added that Mary Cate's visit helped her and her classmates to learn "how to be kind and to stick up for each other" and the fact that "everyone is different in their own way."


You can read more about Lynch’s school visits with Mary Cate on Essential Kids at http://bit.ly/UkBJ98 or on Lynch’s blog My Mary Cate at http://www.mymarycate.org/. You can also watch a short video Lynch created to introduce Mary Cate at http://bit.ly/1nxNsOk

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Pit Pups Paying it Forward!

Inspired by Spread Peace and Love, Chloe and Lilly wanted to "Pay it Forward" since they get cookies almost everywhere they go (bank, car wash, even the Templeton dump), and also when the Central Coast Propane and UPS delivery guys come to the house. So they decided this time to give the UPS guy a box of cookies for the other dogs on his route. Woof. Way to go girls!

Give me a minute... your awesomeness just made me cry

Fun & Positive Post-it Notes Left on Train for Motivation

UK-writer and illustrator October Jones leaves hilarious and motivating post-it notes on the train and in other random places. His expressive drawings and bold statements of encouragement are both positive and funny. Awesome way to spread kindness and shoot commuters a little Monday (or any-day) motivation!

OMG. Look at you. You 've won Tuesday already

Hey. Check out your reflection in the train window. That's what awesome looks like.

Friday is a Gazelle. You are a Tiger. Take it down.


To see more of his creative doodles click here.


Feeling inspired to spread kindness but not feeling all that creative? Click here for some (no artistic talent required) Random Act of Kindness ideas!


Want to encourage others to "Pass it On?" Click here to download some awesome printable Kindness Cards to leave with your RAoK. Or, mail us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send you some professionally printed cards to put to use!


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