Host a SP&L Party!

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Anyone can host a SP&L Party – From birthday kids, to college buddies, to 40-somethings, or retirees! There is no age requirement or limit, only the desire to have fun with friends and help others in need in the process.


A social get-together with the intent to have fun with friends and family while also doing something good to help others less fortunate.


Any time, any day! There is never a bad time host a Spread Peace and Love Party!Taped Polaroid-Good Friends


  1. First of all, don’t overthink it! A Spread Peace and Love party should be just as relaxing and fun for the hosts as it is for the guests!
  2. Put together a list of all your friends and family who you would love to spend time with…. you know, all the people you love but are too busy to connect with because the busy-ness we call life keeps getting in the way!
  3. Choose a cause – your local homeless shelter, animal shelter, food bank, etc. Contact the cause of your choice and ask them what donations they are in need of the most.
  4. Create an invitation for your party and include a list of donations for your cause as the “entry ticket” to the party. Feel free to share why the cause is special to you.
  5. Send out invites, by text,, or the old fashioned way…. U.S. Postal!
  6. Prep the house, and set out snacks and beverages. Feel free to ask guests to bring something to share…. Everyone loves a potluck!
  7. #1 and only party rule - NO negativity or gossip allowed. All conversations should be based in positivity and love!
  8. Choose a “Spread Peace and Love” themed activity or create one of your own!
    1. Set out paints and rocks for guests to paint signs of peace and love to take with them and randomly give to others. Learn more about our Spread Peace and Rocks here. Click here for a list of supplies you will need to start painting your own rocks.Paint Peace and Love Rocks
    2. Buy a canvas and use a pencil to divide it into squares. Provide paints and brushes for guests to paint their unique peace and love message in each square. Give each guest a raffle ticket upon arrival when they drop their donation. Finished painting is given to the guest whose raffle ticket is chosen at the end of the night.Peace and Lov painting project on canvas
    3. Create a “Gratitude Line.” Run a clothesline, string or yarn across a room. Leave colorful squares of paper for guests to anonymously write or draw what they are grateful for and provide clothes pins for guests to pin their gratitude notes to the line.Create a Gratitude Line
    4. Create encouragement cards. Cut and fold decorative pieces of paper. Ask guests to write notes of appreciation for deserving people in their lives (from work, school, neighborhood, family, etc.) to leave randomly for them to find.
  9. Enjoy yourself! Take pictures, and share them on social media using the hashtag #spreadpeaceandloveparty.
  10. Deliver your donated items to your chosen charity and be joyful that your party helped #makeadifference!Taped Polaroid_Deliever Donations
  11. That’s it! You get to enjoy time with those you love, encourage them to be positive, and do something good for others in need!


Spread Peace and Love (always)







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