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Talk to yourself like you would someone you love - positive affirmations

Silence your Inner Critic
with Positive Affirmations

I’m trying something new. I’m working to change the dialogue in my head. Maybe you can relate. The truth is, sometimes I’m just not very nice to me. While I try to be a kind person towards others – you know, kind words, kind thoughts, kind actions – I treat myself fairly poorly. I have gotten pretty darn good at criticizing myself. I tell myself I’m not a good enough wife, mother, friend. I’m not talented enough, good-looking enough, or fit enough. It can go on and on.  But lately I have been thinking. What if? What if I thought and spoke kind, positive, affirming words to myself instead? I'm speaking of positive affirmations.

I majored in graphic design in college, but minored in my true love – painting. My easel has followed me around the country through ten moves since graduation. While I have pulled it out a couple times over the years, the truth is my kids have used it far more often than me. With my three children nearly grown and new found free time on my hands, I’ve discovered an urge to return to painting. Here’s the problem. Every time I think about putting paint to canvas my critical inner voice pipes up, “you don’t have any creative ideas, and even if you did, you’re not particularly talented.” It stops me in my tracks… and the easel stays tucked away in the garage alongside a pile of blank white canvases.

But, what if? What if I kicked that critical inner voice to the curb? What if I replaced it with positive affirmations? “I am talented.” “I create beautiful paintings.” The old tapes are well worn and it will take a bit of work to replace them, but in time it can be done.

What is your version of painting? What dream have you been hesitating to follow or relinquished to permanent “on hold” status? Try this. Close your eyes and visualize yourself not only pursuing your dream but also being wildly successful at it. Now, take three slow deep breaths in (pause), and out. Next speak these positive affirmations to yourself (you can begin by thinking them, but work towards speaking them out loud.) “I am pursuing my dream of ______.” “I am successful at ______.” Repeat daily, multiple times a day if possible.

The negative voice in our head accomplishes nothing other than robbing us of our true potential. By utilizing positive affirmations, in time we can overwrite any negative inner dialogue creating a more constructive mental environment. With regular practice, these affirmations can help us create an inner dialogue that supports our dreams, goals, and intentions, by keeping our thoughts and actions focused on the outcome we desire rather than that which we do not.

Make an effort to incorporate positive affirmations into your life to keep your internal dialogue positive and uplifting. Practicing them regularly will open the door for you to create the reality you not only wish for but deserve. Make self love a daily practice!

xoxo always,

¨•.¸¸ Spread Peace and Love ¸¸.•¨

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