Happiness is just a thought away!

Happiness is just a thought away


"Choose your thoughts carefully. Keep what brings you peace, release what brings you suffering. And know that happiness is just a thought away!"

Happiness is a state of mind…. And it is obtainable by all. You don’t need great amounts of money or a fancy car to make you happy (although for some these can bring temporary joy.) All you need is to choose to be happy. It’s true. Practice the following habits regularly, and your happiness quotient is sure to increase.


1. Cherish! Stop and appreciate the little things in your daily life: whether it’s the smell of a flower, the sight of a hummingbird hovering near by, the sunrise or sunset, or touch of a hand or hug from a loved one.


2. Volunteer! Research shows that we truly do lift ourselves by lifting others. Find an organization or cause that speaks to you and get involved. Be cautious not to over commit from the get go… you don’t want volunteering to begin to feel like one more “to do” on your busy schedule, but rather the occasional break from it.


3. Be Optimistic! Work to take on the glass half full perspective. Look at your life with hope and appreciation for all that you have accomplished. Focus on your strengths and achievements rather than any failures.


4. Practice Gratitude! Research has also shown that sending letters, texts, emails of appreciation to others and/or writing daily (or weekly to start) in a gratitude diary can greatly change your perspective and mood.


5. Meditate. Regular mediation can alter the areas of the brain where stress and mood are regulated. Those who have meditated regularly over a long period of time actually are better equipped to find and maintain states of joy, compassion, and positivity.


Begin implementing these five habits today to increase the happiness you feel in your day to day life.




•*¨*•.¸¸ Spread Peace and Love ¸¸.•*¨*•

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