Find your tribe. Love them hard.

Find your tribe. Love them hard.

Find you tribe. Love them hard.

While some people are “loners” in life, most long for companionship and a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. This bigger thing can manifest itself in many ways (a running group, book club, religious organization, volunteer group), but in the end, it can all be called the same thing… your tribe. We are better versions of ourselves when we surround ourselves with like-minded people who love and support us at our best and at our worst. Your tribe stands by you when you are happy and achieving your goals and equally when you are down or have taken a few missteps.

If you have yet to find your tribe, do not be discouraged. There are people out there waiting to embrace, love and encourage you…. your lives simply haven’t intersected yet! Here are a few tips on how to find your tribe:

  1. Think of the qualities you want your tribe members to have. Athletic? Intellectual? Good listener? Dependable? Respectful?  List these qualities according to importance and search for people who fit those qualities.
  2. Decide if there’s a particular type of activity that you want to engage in with your tribe, such as a book club, hiking trips, bible study, or visiting museums and gallery openings. Next seek out existing groups (tribes) via Meetup, Craig’s List, school or church bulletin boards, or your local community center or YMCA.
  3. Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts when it comes to people. Sometimes you’ll meet someone new and you’ll feel drawn to them immediately, almost as if you were old friends. Go with that!
  4. If there are one or two people you already know who you would like to strengthen your friendship with, try to find a way to get together on a regular basis. Take a cooking class, plan a series of hikes, plant a garden together – choose an activity that will allow you time to interact and grow your relationships.
  5. Remember we tend to model the behavior and attitudes of those we spend the most time around. Think back to your list from bullet #1. While you may enjoy someone’s company, if they have a bad habit of gossiping about others, you may want to think twice about having them as a member of your tribe. Your tribe should bring out the best in you and motivate you to work hard to achieve your goals including personal, financial, career, and family. Choose wisely!

Members of your tribe are your teammates in the game of life. They will encourage you, protect you, celebrate you, and console you as you encounter life’s twists and turns. As a member of the tribe you are equally responsible to do the same for others. It is this give and take that strengthens the relationships and bonds of the members of the tribe and creates the support system that is intrinsic to the strongest tribes.

So, put on your best smile, take these pointers into consideration, and get out there….
It's never too late to find your tribe!


¨•.¸¸ Spread Peace and Love ¸¸.•¨

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